Inclusivity and Values

As stated in the homepage, the Adjoint School is an annual research school in applied category theory that aims to:

As research has shown again and again that unconscious biases, hostile work environments, and systemic issues make these goals significantly harder to achieve for certain groups, independent of their actual research capabilities, the Adjoint School strives to take steps to actively counteract them. Be it racialized people, women and gender minorities, researchers with disabilities (either visible or invisible), people from the Global South, religious minorities, students from working class backgrounds, or any other discriminated group, everyone deserves an equal chance, and it is our goal to change the community to make it so. As such, we recognize explicitly the importance of developing and strengthening our community and the positive impact it can (and should) have within applied mathematics and the world at large.

We also believe it is worthwhile to try and articulate these values, to call attention to the difficulties that can arise when putting them into practice, and the importance of leading by example. Among other things, that means:

For other inclusivity statements from the Applied Category Theory community at large, we encourage you to read here and here.