Applications for the 2021 Adjoint School are now open! Apply by completing the application form.

Deadline: Friday, January 29, 2021, 23:59 (anywhere on Earth).

You can find the project descriptions for the 2021 Adjoint School here.

Information regarding the letter of reference.

If you are applying, please have sent on your behalf to a brief letter of recommendation confirming any of the following:

If your reference letter won't arrive by the deadline, please have it sent in as soon as possible for the best chance of it being available when decisions are made, and send us contact information for your referee.

Who should apply?

Anyone, from anywhere in the world, who is interested in applying category-theoretic methods to problems outside of pure mathematics. This is emphatically not restricted to math students, but one should be comfortable working with mathematics. Knowledge of basic category-theoretic language—the definition of monoidal category for example—is encouraged.

We will consider advanced undergraduates, PhD students, post-docs, as well as people working outside of academia. Members of groups which are underrepresented in the mathematics and computer science communities are especially encouraged to apply.